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  • Below is our interactive business builder. Fill out the form below to better know your business goals and to help provide valuable insight into your own capabilities. Anyone can start a business, whats stopping you?

    People often say that it is hard to start a business. In fact, starting a business is part of human nature. As humans we are programmed to interact, and that's all a business is.

    Example: Chances are that at least once a day you cook food for yourself. This doesn’t make you a chef, but it CAN make you a business. The only thing separating cooking food for yourself and owning a food business is a sign on the door.

    Starting a for profit business is simply the understanding that you want to take either a skill, or an idea and exchange that skill or idea for money through interactions with people.

    Through this interactive guide we will walk you through some steps that will help you organize your ideas and generate a strategy for success. So let’s get started…

THE BASICS (Select all that apply)



  • One of the largest mistakes people make when starting a business is trying to achieve something massive from the start. Don’t be afraid to GROW your business over time.

    In the beginning focus on knowing your business and offering less products or services. This will allow you gain valuable insight and will contribute to an overall stronger message to your target audience.

    Think of your business like a snowball. You can make a big pile of snow and shape it into a ball, but unless you started with a small ball and rolled it into a larger one your snowball has no core, no strength.


  • Now that we have your idea, it’s time to identify your products.

    Products are individual items or services which you offer for sale. Every single product is a unique SKU which would be typed into a register and have a specific and unique price.

    Your idea may be to "open a hair salon” but your products are the individual items you sell. (cutting hair is not a product). Think of your products as the actual choice a customer will make. Do they want to have their hair CUT? or DYED? or CUT AND DYED? Those three choices are 3 individual products.

    It’s important to know what you are offering. It will help you manage and control your customers and will help you sell.

    Example: You start a clothing company with one t shirt design. That’s a product. But if you offer the shirt in multiple sizes and colours you have many products. A t shirt available in 3 colours and 4 sizes is TWELVE PRODUCTS TOTAL.
  • UYT

    For every instance from storgae of physical products to record keeping to minimum order quantities, it is beneficial to keep your offered products to the minimum you can handle and manage towards a profit.

    The simplest way to turn an idea into a business is to focus on offering ONE PRODUCT REALLY REALLY WELL.

PRODUCT PRICE LIST (Fill in your products)

  • Click Here to download a blank .XLS Price list that you can use


  • The better you know who you are selling to, the better you will be able to sell.


  • Its important to know your market before investing time and money into your company. No market is too small to try and capitalize on, however if the effort and expense outweighs the benefits and rewards it is a failed plan.

    Think back to "CUSTOMERS". How many of these people are there? If your target demographic (customers) is so obscure that only one in a million people will want your product, and your product only sells for $1, your total potential first time sales for the entire planet are only $8000. Which means if you invested more than $8000 of your time and money and people only buy your product once, you are guaranteed a loss.


  • A logo is how people will identify your brand. It can be a picture, monogram, word-mark or shape and should provide the first reference to your field of business.

    Download Template
  • A business card is another great way to turn your idea into something real. It's an inexpensive way of formalizing your interactions with someone as business related and is your first form of advertising.

    Download Template
  • Your contact information is usually the first thing people use to legitimize your company.

    In order to appear and function as a real business it is important to have dedicated contact information for your company.

    If you don't plan on registering your own web domain, consider creating a gmail address such as yourbusinessname@gmail.com

    If you want to be more formal, purchasing a web domain will allow you to have a professional looking email address such as yourname@yourcompany.com
  • Visit GoDaddy.com to register your domain now.


  • The next step is to determine how you will sell your product or service.

    Are you going to sell it online? Are you going door to door? How will you accept payments?

    Depending on the nature of your business and your own abilities there are many options for ways to sell your product. The simplest is face to face cash interactions.

    Beyond that we have what are refereed to as PAYMENT GATEWAYS

    A payment gateway is a way to receive money from your customers for your good or service.

    Think of this like your bank. You need to decide which bank you want to use.
  • For more information on payment gateways and figuring out what is right for your business click Here


  • Popular gateway options are: Paypal, stripe Etsy, Big Cartel, Moneris, Woo-commerce, Shopify and Wp-ecommerce. Each has different benefits depending on the type of sales you are trying to make. If you are starting a yoga business where you want to take money from people in different locations, Stripe might be what's best for you where as if you are selling bracelets online, Etsy might be the better choice. For some types of business multiple gateways may be used in conjunction. In the next section we will determine what is right for you.


  • Next to professional contact information. Content is the most important asset to growing your online business presence. Providing content such as blog posts, related articles, photos, tutorials, videos and more will allow customers or potential customers to develop a understanding of what your brand is about.


  • It's the classic conundrum. You need experience to get work but how can you get experience when you can't get work?

    Fortunatly in business you can fake it til you make it! It's called "IMAGE"

    Making your business appear functional and popular doesn't have to mean physically having your products, investing hundreds of hours and spending thousands of dollars.

    A good business image starts with pictures. Pictures allow potential customers to associate humanistic qualities with your company.

    Pictures allow someone who has never interacted with you before to FEEL trust in your service or product and will provide them with confidence to make a transaction with you.

    Use your camera phone or a stock photo website to populate your website, business cards and facebook pages as well as taking product and company photos as you grow. Nobody has to know your yoga classes haven't happened yet. Find a great yoga photo online and use it to enforce your END IDEA.


  • The best assets you have in starting a business are the people around you.

    Chances are you have spent your whole life making connections with people. These people are going to be the key to your success.

    Your first sale, will be a friend, your logo, designed by your brother. Your first advertising will be a post shared on a friends wall.

    Take some time and think about who you know and how they might be willing to help.

    Facebook, school yearbooks, your contact list. Go through your connections and reach out to people who you feel would have an interest in what you are doing. Tell them your intentions and goals. Chances are if you are excited about something they will be as well.


  • The key to running a business are lists. Everything to do with your business should be organized in lists. To-do, To-buy, ect. Good lists help keep you focused and moving forward.
  • Download our complete set of .xls lists for your use. Click Here


  • Second to Google, Craigslist might be the single most important resource for starting a business on your own.

    Chances are if you need something, it’s available on Craigslist. From graphic designers to used store displays and fixtures, to hiring your first employees to discussion forums for advertising. If you need anything and don’t know where to start GO TO CRAIGSLIST!
  • Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.10.42 PM


  • Likely your first form of advertising will be "Word Of Mouth" This just means that when you interact with people you mention your business and business goals.

    Beyond that we have, social media advertising, print advertising, and Digital advertising.


  • As any entrepreneur will tell you. Being able to multitask and work in different roles throughout the business is a large key to success. Becoming an effective sales person takes time and practice however when mastered will become your greatest business asset.

    Remember, nobody will ever care about your business like you do. If you can't sell your products, how can a sales person?

DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The most common misconception when starting a business is that you are not capable of doing it alone.

    As the main investor of energy and time, NOBODY is more qualified than you to start your business. All the information is at your fingertips and success is just some effort away.

    You can do this! Dig deep into your inquisitive mind and when in doubt "GOOGLE IT"


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